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Jorge Cal

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Designer of Fine Arts


Jorge Cal was born in Buenos Aires , Argentina , in1969. Son of Manuel Cal and Elisa Albert.

During his pre-adolescence he studied Fine Arts with Marta Guerra Allen, who helped him develop his abstract style, influenced by his admiration of artist Vasarely's pure geometric abstraction and his 3-dimentional works of art. Later on he studied Industrial Design, where he learned a variety of techniques.

During the 90´s he did research work on soldiering, mechanization of metals and special paints.

In the early 2000 he started working on antique furniture restoration with Patricia Lopez and went on study trips to San Pablo , Brazil ; Miami , USA ; Punta del Este , Uruguay and Machu Pichu , Peru in order to improve his artistic skills.

It was during this year that he began windsurfing in different seas in the world, where he started a permanent exploration and discovery of his personal essence and he refined his devotion for movement, which became the mysticism of his style.

As he got to know different cultures, the wide variety of roots and tendencies that he found lead him to fuse together diverse materials such as wood, metal, chrome, lacquer and special paints in his works.

At present most of his works are exhibited and can be purchased in Buenos Aires and Punta del Este.